Welcome to High End Hippie Vintage!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been wanting to start a vintage store for awhile now, I genuinely love the hunt and the gems it leads me to. That, and I thrive off having one-off items. Since I always get so many questions about my vintage pieces on my blog and instagram I thought it only made sense to create an online destination for you all! I feel like I’m so spoiled living in LA having access to all of the flea markets so I want to share the wealth. Plus, I always find amazing things that I just don’t need or aren't my size. 

I plan to keep this as easy and organic as my blog. I want it to stay enjoyable for me and to keep it cheap for you all. I f you’re paying more for something on here I want you to know it's because I payed more. The deal is one of the best things about buying second hand after-all.  Anywho, happy hunting! Let me know if I can help you find anything!


XO, @highendhippie